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Our Purpose

Intellisys’ purpose is to import and create opportunities for the community, and mostly, to create an environment where individuals can grow into both better professionals and better people. We aim to offer these opportunities through a tech ecosystem in which stakeholders satisfaction is key: Of our team members, customers, owners, users, and society.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on equality, where everyone has the same opportunities according to their interests. One of the most important elements of our culture growing, so that everyone who enters improves and is better by the time they leave. There are no limits to creativity and authenticity,  no tolerance for arrogance or discrimination. We promote harmony between clients and team member needs, offering a space that is inclusive for everyone involved.

Meet the Team

At Intellisys we like passionate people that enjoy what they do and give their 100%, without being either arrogant or mediocre. We like people who have a thirst for personal and professional growth, and respect and understand the importance of diversity and our values.

Dalisa Heredia

Founder & CEO

Christian Corcino

Founder & Chairman

Lirme Colon