Full Stack Software Development

We provide back-end, front-end, database and mobile development on the platform you need. Our engineers are easily adaptable to different libraries, technologies, and frameworks.

Agile Project Management

Our project managers will provide you support in your Scrum, Kanban or Lean framework and unlock the potential of your team.

Software Testing

Our highly skilled software tester will make sure your software has the quality you need before your it gets to your customers. Using  Automated Testing Tools or running Manual Testing.


Why Intellisys:

Our main purpose is to elevate our customers to a state of Nirvana. We want them to develop a sense of support, where they can sit in a peace of mind and can be confident that their project will move forward.

We offer the option of hiring a complete team (developer + scrum master integrated), adapted to any Agile methodology the customer can identify with.

Why a team in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic and the United States have many things in common. The Dominican Republic shares the same time zone as the East Coast of the United States, and there’s a short distance between the two countries, since the farthest point of the US from the Dominican Republic is about 7 hours away.In regards to Languages, it is very easy for Dominicans to adapt to English.