Full-Stack Software Development

We provide back-end, front-end, database, and mobile development services on our clients’ preferred platforms. Our engineers are easily adaptable to different libraries, technologies, and frameworks.

Agile Project Management

Our project managers use the Agile Project Management approach to provide support within the Scrum, Kanban, or Lean Framework to ensure continuous delivery to our partners.

Software Testing

Our highly skilled software testers will make sure your software has the quality you need before it gets to the final customers, using Automated Testing Tools or running Manual Testing.

Our Customers

Intellisys has provided services for some of the top leaders in their industries as well as exciting start-ups, and the systems we currently support have more than 780 million users per month. Our focus is on top tier development support for our clients while making a change in our developers’ lives.

Who we are

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Our mission is to change the lives of young people in the Dominican Republic through training and to develop them into world-class software developers through our Cincinnatus Institute of Craftsmanship so that we can offer the best development support services to our client partners.